The stresses of the workplace are not always obvious. One way to tell if there are stress issues is by the symptoms. There will be a high rate of employees  quitting, not showing up for work, showing up late, having health issues, or are being destructive to company property.

The costs of not dealing with a workplace stress problem hit the business profit hard. Employers have to spend resources to replace workers, repair equipment, and pay more for health benefits. Family life can suffer as well for both employer and employee.

An extreme case of workplace violence is the series of postal carrier shootings which coined the term, “going postal”. This kind of eruption could have been avoided  if they could have seen how frustrated their workers were and got the help they needed.

Bad communication skills are not limited to business situations. Families, church groups, schools, anywhere where there are people could benefit from a Color Code workshop. I have seen amazing results from people. Some say, “Oh! Is that why you do that?”. Some people will agree to something they have no intention of doing – just to get the other person to be quiet. How does that work for getting things accomplished that are needed? The Color Code shows how to present items in a way that shows compassion and understanding while still getting the point across. Workshops are offered anywhere in the nation.

What We Do:


Business stress consultations and recommendations are offered to promote efficient business practices.


Workshops are available on interpersonal relations, marriage, 100% responsibility, conflict management, emotional intelligence and team development.

Epic also offers education to business management for self-diagnosing business-related stress. This allows the concerned business the opportunity to save incredible amounts of money in the discovery process over time.


Epic Business Solutions offers employee and management testing using such instruments as the Color Code and the Job Stress Survey. The Color Code helps to understand the motivations behind people’s actions. This helps us to communicate more easily with others. The Job Stress Survey identifies the causes of stressors. This classic stress test checks 22 different points based upon severity and frequency of occurrence.

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