Earnings Disclaimer:

You agree that the choice to use Epic Business Solutions, LLC (EBS) is solely yours. The decision to implement any recommendations is yours as well. The degree you have success is based upon the degree of your implementations of EBS’s recommendations. Since every client and situation is different the results cannot be quantified. Any results you observe on your financial statements compared to what is estimated by an EBS employee is merely that-an estimate. Your participation may yield greater or lesser results than what is estimated. If you rely completely upon those estimates, the risk is yours completely. The success of prior clients is not a guarantee for your future success. Any recommendations given to you by third parties is not recognized by EBS. It is recommended that you not accept third-party recommendations. However, you are advised to do due diligence in accepting our recommendations as well as any others you may receive. Seeking the advice from attorneys, accountants, and other qualified professionals is recommended.

Outside influences not under the control of EBS are recognized by this firm as inevitable. The political or economic climate may not be favorable upon your company, industry or that of your clients. EBS will not be responsible if these factors influence your company.

We believe the prices set by EBS are fair and commensurate with the value you have received. However, there are no standards for setting prices in this industry. You agree that the price set by EBS is mutually agreed upon.

The flexibility of EBS to change or update this policy from time to time is reserved by EBI. Past earnings disclaimers with their accompanying dates of change will be maintained on file.

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