Find a safe place

There have been many times when I am about to speak or perform for a large audience when anxious debilitating emotions have crippled the outcome. I am one who prepares ad nauseum so that I won’t need to  fear when the time comes to perform. These feelings come quite often because I have had pre-performance anxiety  so many times in the past. The fact is they are unnecessary. One time I was waiting for my turn in the program. A huge wave of anxiety swept over me. I found a safe place in my mind. I was amazed to find the anxiety completely dissipate.

The thought I chose to use was a time when my husband took me diving. I remembered the feeling of being 100 feet down in the crystal clear waters of the Carribbean Sea. The absolute stillness. The quiet. The forms of life. I thought of the details in the wonders I saw. Since this experience, there have been several times when I would feel this anxiety coming over me. I remembered that diving experience and calmed right down.

If we are prepared we should not need to fear. Even if our gift isn’t perfect, if we give the best that we have, it is good enough. I am so grateful that I don’t have to be perfect in this lifetime. I would fail miserably.

Finding my quiet place in my mind has been an awesome tool. No one can find your safe place for you. Start by finding one that will do for now. A beach. A mountain retreat. Set the details so it will assist the experience. What is the weather like? Who is with you? Refine it. As you find a better scenario, replace it. You can always go back to any safe place to visit. I have gone through a number a safe places. Please remember not to stay there. It is just a resting place to put your troubles down, not to be your new residency. We in the real world would miss you if you were not part of our lives.

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